Here are highlights of live performances over the years but first I'll share a part of my audition for Cirque du Soleil back in 2011. It's too bad that the accordion role got cut, as I was told that Danny Elfman was excited to write parts for me....although this didn't work out, I had other opportunities to work for Cirque or audition for other shows. It hasn't been in my cards to play a Cirque show, but who knows what will happen in the future.

Although I didn't get to work for Danny Elfman then, ten years later I got to play the role of the "skeleton accordionist" for his live concert of "The Nightmare Before Christmas." It was an honor to work with violinist Sandy Cameron, saxophonist Rusty Higgins, and Ian Walker on bass. It was a surreal event! 

Another surreal event was performing with Josh Groban for his PBS concert. This was one of my most nerve-wracking events but was so happy I was called to play it. I'm pleased that someone  loaded a clip of the piece on YouTube. 

Working with David Arkenstone - also surreal! Having recorded music for various video games, it's interesting how it has become a respected music genre - at least to me. I love Arkenstone's work and vibe.

Halo Circus with Allison Iraheta was fun while it lasted!  While the piece here is not necessarily all rock and roll, I did have my chance to "rock out" with them. My experience with Halo Circus was....surreal!!!

 I spent several years with Lisa Haley and the Zydekats. That was an interesting chapter in my life and musical career. There were so many fun times with all the events and traveling we did. I feel fortunate to have had this opportunity. I'm very glad to see that our full concert in France was posted on YouTube.

Finally, it was exciting to work with Irka Mateo y La Tirindanga and experience some music from the Dominican Republic. It was exciting and - you guessed it - SURREAL to perform with her and the band for this DTLA event on New Year's Eve (not to mention Aloe Blacc knocking on my dressing room door and then opening it while looking for Irka, haha).

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