Hey everybody! L.A.'s Accordion Diva, "Gee" Rabe, here. Finally a new updated website! It will be a work in progress since there's only one person working on it, and you probably know who that is.

More info to come, in the meantime, I'm just trying to get this going. It'll be a challenging summer, as I deal with obstacles that take away my time from doing things that I love, which include music. But a little bit at a time, I hope to add more content...and hopefully more gigs. Take note, for anyone who is interested in hiring me - I am no longer accepting solo jobs - I will only perform solo in very special, limited situations. If it's solo work, it better be session work! And interestingly, session work is the one time I actually prefer to work solo. When it comes to performing - at least a duo. I like making music with others! If I play alone, it's going to be at home when I practice. But I do prefer recording alone - I feel like I can work faster than in an ensemble or orchestral setting. But I will still record whatever the situation may be.

Now that I've said that to the world, it's back to work. Talk to you all later!

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